will AI take Over My Job?

That is the primary concern in many of us ever since the popularity of AI and its far-reaching progress has been spoken about widely. Influencers and renowned leaders do not miss the chance to be in the mainstream with their opinion on the future of humankind. According to them, is it likely to happen? The answer is yes, but it is not a bad thing.
Let’s look back at history.
Until 12,000 years ago, our only job was to look for food – much like animals. Then civilization happens – farming, pottery, painting, urban planning, building homes & drainages, administration, mining, jewelry, accounting, and medicine. Like any significant revolution, the Robotics or AI can cause chaos in society. No different from the agricultural revolution or industrial revolution. There will be displacement.
But there will be an equal number of opportunities for jobs to be done by people for every job taken over by machines in future simply because robots cannot replace superhuman reasoning skills. It is mutual. Both humans and machines are necessary to make things work. These evolving machines are designed to save the time and energy of humans but will never replace them, at least for now.
At SIBS, technology has always been explored, and we design and develop machines that support the production process. We believe it is a fact machine assist in doing our job. Our company can make 5000 apartments annually, achievable when machines and humans work together. Hence, uninterrupted efforts and development are one of our priorities as the opportunity to relieve humans from repetitive, hazardous, and unpleasant labor is undoubtedly an apparent gain

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