Whistle Blowing

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Let Us Know of Any Wrongdoing Or Misconduct Within Our Organization

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An open-minded atmosphere and high business ethics are essential for SIBS and its participating companies (Sveaviken Bostad, MOKO, SIBS Malaysia, Frontlog and MOBY). We, therefore, hope and believe that any misconduct or wrongdoing will be reported to us.

Suppose you have experienced or are aware of any serious irregularities or misconducts within SIBS, or participating companies, and wish to report this anonymously. In that case, you are welcome to use our whistleblower service. Through the whistleblower service, you are guaranteed to be anonymous. 

The whistleblower service is intended to handle the following types of cases primarily:

  • Criminal activity such as bribery, forgery, and environmental crime
  • Corruption
  • Serious deficiencies in the work environment
  • Serious forms of discrimination and harassment
  • Serious deviations from our code of conduct¬†

Leave your report by the link or scan the QR code with a cellular phone.

Here's What You Need to Know

Step 1

Report via the link or by scanning the QR code. You are completely anonymous.

Step 2

An independent lawyer handles your application. If you have chosen to provide an email address, you will receive a confirmation that your report has been received and can be contacted for additional information.

Step 3

If an initial assessment shows suspicions of serious irregularities or misconduct, an investigation is initiated. When the investigation is completed, it is handed over together with the conclusions to the relevant organisation that can take action.

Step 4

The independent lawyer will give you feedback on how the case was handled within three months.