What Makes Scandinavian Designs So Appealing?

When it comes to designs, not many have as much a staying power as the Scandinavian style. There is something about the Scandi style that people just can’t get enough of. With the popularity of IKEA and its seemingly unstoppable expansion, something about those clean and minimalist style is attracting attention in the right ways.

So what is it that makes Scandi designs so appealing and attractive with modern households integrating their interiors according to the style?

The Designs Are Clean and Simple

Visually appealing yet clean and functional is what one would see in Scandi styles. Light and airy spaces that utilise the Scandi design integrates a calm and neutral palette into the surrounding. This brings harmony into spaces and the usage of natural materials like wood provides a comfortable feeling.

This style focuses on clean, simple lines to enhance the aesthetics of a space – and simplistic designs are known to be calming – often attractive to people with busy lives. Coming home to an interior with Scandi designs in this case would be returning to one’s cozy spot.

For anyone with a hectic day at work or a long day dealing with the multitudes of life, returning to Scandi style home is like returning to one’s safe space. Clean spaces allow minds to be cleared of stress and worry, which may be why Scandi designs are so sought after.  

Adaptable Designs

Scandi designs are highly flexible and versatile. Interiors with this style are designed to be adaptable, allowing homeowners to easily rearrange furniture, switch things up and reorder their living space.

This is particularly important in homes with a smaller space or in apartments where space is considered a luxury. Occasionally, homeowners may want to switch up their layout or make space for more important things depending on their priority. So, the ease of which Scandi styles allow homeowners to manipulate their homes is one of the reasons it is highly popular.

Interior of Nykvarn, an apartment unit produced by SIBS

Scandi Styles are Timeless

Part of the style’s appeal is in the fact that it is a timeless design and proved to withstand the morphing phases most styles would have throughout time. In Scandi designs, the spaces don’t ever seem to go out of style.

This in part is also due to the use of durable materials and furniture with good functionality. Furniture pieces and items used in this style often have many uses. This removes unnecessary items in a space to make way for items which are more practical to serve users.

Many furniture pieces and items in Scandi styles often serve more than one purpose, making the style an enduring legacy.

Will Scandinavian Designs Become A Passing Trend?

Scandi designs have been immensely popular across cultures in different home styles. But with the rise and fall of many great design styles, will Scandi designs eventually become a passing trend?

Looking back at its popularity and timeline, it’s safe to say that as long as there is a demand for clean, simple, adaptable and functional designs – there will always be a demand for Scandi designs.


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