The SIBS Production System

Imagine a factory which builds 90% of a home apartment in a controlled setting under a highly efficient production system. It only takes 13 weeks for 45 stations this way to produce over 400 modules or apartment units.

The speed and efficiency of such a system is highly rewarding and productive. But the challenge? To monitor and standardize 350 tasks is complex and challenging. Hence the use of a workflow management system as the best solution for a smooth and flawless process.


The Industrialized Building System (IBS) by SIBS manages daily production activities while ensuring top-notch quality in the productions. The system facilitates the production team to carry out sequential tasks. It works as if a baton is being passed from station to station while acting as a communication tool to connect the entire production chain.

How It Works

At each workstation, the production supervisor starts by assigning specific tasks to the stations. From there, the production team will work to complete the task.
The moment a task ends, the QA inspectors will be notified and subsequently inspect the outcome of the task, ensuring that specific requirements and standards are met.
Desirable outcomes will then be approved before they proceed to the next station while defects will be reported back to the supervisor for reworking.
If the reworks meet quality standards, subsequent production chains will be notified and the product will be able to move to the next station.

Why IBS?

  • Allows engineers and managers to create and assign tasks
  • Simplifies flow of tasks while allowing support 
  • Defines tasks involved in each step of the process
  • Follows up on unfinished or problem-solving required tasks
  • Provides workflow visibility alongside performance metrics
  • Effectively identifies inefficiencies and opportunities for automation
  • Increases transparency and improves communication

IBS in the future of modular construction

As we step into the future, IBS will inevitably become essential for business expansions. Its role in the construction industry will be crucial as housing demands rise and the need for a quick and flawless construction system follows. Hence, IBS will play a pivotal role in streamlining the production processes. By embracing this system, exceptional modular homes can be delivered alongside sustainable growth.

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