Industrialized Building System

Taking Building To a Whole New Level

The system of prefabricated homes or industrialized building system makes use of modules in constructing a building. 

In modular construction, a module is a pre-built section or piece of a building.

These modules are constructed off-site in our factory and then transported to the construction site to be assembled – creating the final building. 

Our modular building system allows us to complete 90% of the building process entirely in the factory.

It’s like putting together a puzzle using pre-made sections to form the whole structure – and this saves time and money because much of the work is already done in a controlled environment. 

Our mission is to establish efficient, quality assured and flexible building systems with a capacity to cater for up to 6,000 homes a year.

Universality is at the top of our minds. Our homes are built with steel structures and concrete flooring, which do not deflect under applied force, allowing these structures to withstand the transportation process well. 

With a streamlined process, our modules go through 45 stations and 350 standardized quality control points – all digitally measured and documented. 

Crafting machines for unparalleled performance

Our manufacturing machines are custom-built to match our production flow seamlessly.

Our focus is on safety and functionality with design without compromising on efficiency.

The finest thing about our in-house machines is that they are extremely adaptable when we need to improve them. 

Depending on our needs to specific projects, we are able to run adjustments and quality checks on an ongoing basis.

Our machines are designed and curated; simply not obtainable elsewhere.


SIBS Modular Buildings