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We are SIBS. We are on a mission to develop and making industrial construction more efficient through technology.

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SIBS’ long-term goal is to be the frontrunner of ConstructionTech – driving development of tomorrow’s construction industry where building projects cost less, complete faster, and are more predictable.


Reinventing a traditional industry to a more cost-efficient, productive and digitally equipped one with ConstructionTech – SIBS aims to bring high Scandinavian quality buildings which are energy-efficient to the global market.

The SIBS Malaysia Journey


A team of four mechanical engineers, SP Ong, Lawrence Chua, CY Lau and KM Pan embarked on a journey to design and develop SIBS factories. The factory features a unique flow based on in-house developed machines with an advanced construction system. And with a humble start, the journey of SIBS Malaysia begins. 




In 2018, operations continued modestly and SIBS launched just one module per day. As the business picked up, SIBS saw its team growing to 116 employees, ready with a mission to establish efficient, quality-assured and flexible production of housing modules with scalable capacity. Soon, the production line was also improved and designed to be ergonomically adapted work stations.



A pivotal year for development, 2019 became a year of remarkable progress where SIBS' entire value chain was reinforced. This was followed by an increase in the production line from two modules a day to 5 modules a day within a year. 

1st Quarter - 2 modules/per day

2nd Quarter – 3 modules/per day

3rd Quarter – 4 modules/per day

4th Quarter - 5 modules/per day


SIBS saw its rapid growth continue as it started 2020 with 31 completed apartments in its first project - Sandtorp in Norrköping, Sweden. This year is also commemorative as SIBS Malaysia acquired a 60,000 m2 land from Penang Development Corporation (PDC)  to build another factory for module production. The strong year concluded with SIBS securing four projects to produce a total of 562 apartments. 


Several important achievement summed up the exciting 2021, as SIBS completed 478 apartments and started production on a further 1,376 units. At the newly acquired 60,000 m2 land in Penang Science Park, work continues on the new plant slated to open in 2022 and shortly after the end of the year, SIBS' development rights portfolio amounted to 10,500 apartments. 


Marking one of the most important milestone yet, SIBS celebrates the opening of Plant 2 where the team is now 800 employee strong. SIBS currently has over 2,000 apartments in production.

Having completed a total of 590 apartments this year alone, SIBS is taking on projects which require a large variety of designs and exterior layouts, demonstrating the strength of its flexible construction system. 



Venturing into 2023, SIBS continues to expand its international presence by delivering modular homes to the UK, Ireland and Saudi Arabia.

Now, SIBS has over 12,000 apartments in ongoing and planned projects in both Sweden and the UK as its international presence expands rapidly. 

In order to meet the scale of the projects, SIBS' production was ramped up to produce 30 modules a day.


Now with increased international presence, SIBS is expanding and integrating operations across both its plants.

Coming this year is the birth of a third plant. By Q4, SIBS will begin the construction of a new plant which is expected to create 1,300 jobs within the locality, making the SIBS family bigger than before.

Coupled with integrated productions, SIBS is now completing 50 modules a day as the introduction of double shifts in the production line ramps up its capabilities to deliver to its international counterparts.

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As the leading company of industrialized building system, SIBS upholds our commitment to the Environmental, Social, and Governance agendas by ensuring our factories are certified with the right management certifications.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System

ISO 14001 : 2015 Environmental Management System

ISO 45001 : 2018 Occupational Health And Safety