Our plant

Take A look Into

Our Place

A 55,000 square metre plant located on a 15-acre site is our ambitious yet prominent project to cater for the future of SIBS.

manufacturing-inspired mass-production system

conveyor system

The system transports modular from one station to another with beams underneath that come with full speed and acceleration flexibility. 


Solar Energy

With over 20 self-made machineries among 40 stations, the production line operates entirely on solar energy to reduce its carbon footprint.

Introducing The Unparallel

Sky Bridge

Allows visitors to view our production zone from a walkway with information boards on poles facing each station, illustrating how we make our homes.

In House Built


It took a month to complete our designated gallery, a space displaying our interior works.

In house showroom at construction technology company in Penang, Malaysia

Minimalist And Aesthetic


From spacious office area with connecting staircase, gym, yoga room, entertainment corner, “cozy café” inspired pantry, and cafeteria to rooftop lounge – we have all the comfort every employee needs.

The other one

First Plant

The facility located at a 7.2 acres of land was our first home, and even now production works are ongoing.