Our plants

State-Of-The-Art Factory

Our plant spans across a 550,000 sq ft footprint on a 28-acre site designed to meet the world’s growing needs for a more intelligent, efficient, and effective industrialized building system.

Skywalk for visitors inside modular home production at Penang, Malaysia

Sustainability and New Wave

The production floor runs entirely on solar energy. The in-house showroom and leading-edge sky bridge allows visitors to view our production zone from a walkway with information attached near each station to help them understand and illustrate the process of how we make our homes. 

In house showroom at construction technology company in Penang, Malaysia


From our spacious workspace to connecting stairways, gym, fitness studio, entertainment corner, a “cozy café” inspired pantry, and cafeteria to the rooftop lounge – we have every comfort our employee needs.

The First SIBS

 Our first facility on a 7.2-acre plot of land was our first plant. Even with the opening of our second plant now, production works continue diligently here.