How Does IBS Construction Enables Faster Project Completion?

In an era where time is of the essence and construction demands are reaching new heights, an innovative solution has emerged to address the need for faster project completion. Above all, it does not compromise quality. The Industrialized Building System (IBS) is a modern approach that is well known for its speed. Emphasizing prefabrication, the IBS construction method saves time by up to 50 percent.

Take a look at the infographic below to view the comparison on construction time:

Comparison Table Between IBS Construction and Conventional Method

1. Offsite Pre-fabrication: Streamlining the Construction Process

At the heart of IBS Construction lies the concept of off-site prefabrication. The components are manufactured in controlled factory environments, unlike traditional construction. This distinction brings a dramatic acceleration to the construction process. Multiple tasks can be performed concurrently, from site preparation to component production. For instance, a wall made of board or concrete can be produced and stored to be fixed whenever required. IBS construction transforms what was once a sequential process into an efficient one.

2. Parallel Construction: Maximizing Resource Utilization

The parallel construction approach of IBS is a game-changer. IBS construction allows different stages of construction to occur at the same time. While foundations are being laid, components are being crafted off-site. This not only saves lots of time but also maximizes resource utilization, leading to faster project completion.

3. Predictable Timelines: Minimizing Uncertainties

Traditional construction faces uncertainties like weather delays, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. IBS construction addresses these uncertainties by offering predictable timelines. Factory-based production ensures meticulous scheduling, ensuring components are ready when needed. This predictability empowers project managers to plan, leading to smoother project execution.

The Strategic Move

IBS construction promises to revolutionize the industry by offering power over speed and efficiency. IBS construction revolutionizes projects with off-site prefabrication, parallel construction, and predictable timelines. As the construction industry evolves, embracing IBS construction becomes a strategic imperative for faster project delivery and staying ahead in a changing world.

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