A Smart Investment: Unlocking the pros of iBS Construction

In the world of construction, innovation is key to driving progress and efficiency. With every decade, the construction industry has significantly improved with increasing innovative solutions to solve high housing demands within short periods of time. Today, one such innovative solution is the Industrialized Building System (IBS). 

Understanding IBS

SIBS focuses on the Industrialized Building System, which works on standardizing and prefabricating building components in a controlled environment. The system offers off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly of building components as a promising alternative to traditional construction.

Components which are prefabricated on-site include wall panels, floor slabs, columns, beams and even completed modules. These are then transported to the construction site for assembly. If needed, the entire apartment unit can even be produced on-site, then transported to the site for merging. 

Using this system, SIBS is able to streamline the construction process, minimize material waste, reduce labor dependency and ultimately cut cost

pros of iBS Construction

1. Reduces Labor cost

In any construction or developer projects, labor supply and cost can be a challenge as finding skilled or unskilled workers may prove to be a problem as the project continues. Traditional construction with on-site labor demands skilled workers and large numbers of manpower in order for the project to run smoothly.  

With IBS construction, the need for on-site labor is significantly reduced.  This is partly due to SIBS’ highly automated process. With the use of machines and jigs, IBS Construction is able to reduce its dependency on skilled workers and instead appoint skilled supervisors or engineers to run the highly automated system. 


2. Shorter Delivery Period

A highly automated system subsequently guarantees a shorter delivery period, as the assembly of prefabricated components is faster than traditional construction methods. This is largely due to a smoother construction process as in-house construction guarantees no weather delays, labor shortages or disruptions from material supplies. 

By adopting IBS Construction, such uncertainties can be addressed through a specific and predictable timelines – allowing houses or apartments to be delivered to the site for assembly well before delivery time. 

3. No Material waste

The IBS System also allows a precise measurement and supply system to be done under controlled manufacturing, leading to less material waste. In any incoming projects, materials are sourced carefully – reducing wastage significantly while ensuring no additional cost is incurred on our counterparts.

This is in contrast with traditional construction, which requires huge amount of raw materials. In the sourcing process for these materials, there is often excess material when the project is complete due to inaccurate estimations and on-site modifications. 


4. higher Quality control

The IBS System ensures a high and consistent production quality for all its work, as construction is carried out under controlled environments. Through this system, the modules go through stringent quality checks. In this process, production managers and quality inspectors can measure and document quality points and ensure all products are of high and consistent quality. 

In traditional construction, this is hard to achieve as on-site labor depend on the skills of the labor. Thus, completed projects or work may not always be of consistent quality depending on the workers hired for the job. 

The IBS system is a highly cost-efficient alternative compared to the traditional counterparts. Reduced labor cost, shorter construction period with better quality control are some of the many solutions it offers in the industry. 

As the construction industry continue to evolve, IBS will evolve into a much needed solution as the need for more sustainable, efficient, and economically viable construction practices rise


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