SIBS Company Gifts 10 Employees With New Proton Cars

From left: SIBS Malaysia directors Lawrence Chua and Pan Kok Ming with SIBS Group board member Pär Thomaeus presenting the car keys to the new Proton SUVs to logistics manager Ng Yen Kheng with managing director Ong Song Ping

In a gesture of appreciation, Scandinavian IBS Sdn Bhd gifted 10 of its long-standing employees with a new Proton X70 each at its main quarters in Penang Science Park on Friday (Mar 8). The brand-new crossover SUVs were presented to its employees to thank them for their hard work and dedicated to the company. 

SIBS Values Dedication & Loyalty

All 10 employees selected have been with the company since its early years and were those who have since rose to manager levels.

SIBS managing director Ong Song Ping said the company wants to show its appreciation and thank their wonderful employees for their hard work over the years.

“We want to thank them mainly for their dedication and for growing with the company over the years. Without them, SIBS would not be where it is today.

“As the company grows, our employees should also grow and be rewarded.

“Hence, we want to show our appreciation with actions, and we are gifting the cars to those who have grown with the company and who have grown to be manager-level associates today.

New Vehicles Maintenance & Upkeeping Will be paid for by Company

All 10 vehicles received by the employees will be paid for by the company, including the cars’ maintenance, service, tyre service and replacement parts. The petrol however, will be paid for by the employees themselves along with other minor upkeeping fees such as car wash and accessories or furnishings. 

Ong said the company hopes that the recipients will take good care of the vehicles and put them to good use. 

“SIBS firmly believes that its employees are the cornerstones of its success. By providing its loyal and reliable employees with new vehicles, the company hopes the vehicles will not only incentivize high achievements but also enhance the overall quality of life of its employees.


About SIBS Malaysia

SIBS is a modular construction company whose objective is to drive the development of tomorrow’s modular construction industry – where projects cost less, complete faster and are more predictable. Taking months, not years, to build new homes.

SIBS Malaysia’s journey began in 2017, where a system of SIBS factories were designed and built to feature a unique flow of constructing homes and modules. Since then, SIBS have produced thousands of apartments.

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