Industrialized Building System (IBS)

Taking Building To a Whole New Level

The system of prefabricated or widely known as industrialized building system, is not new to the industry. Leaders in construction use a variety of ways to build a sustainable home. Innovation has always been there, but what makes us different is – we designed our modular building system that completes 90% of a building at the factory.

Our mission is to establish an efficient, quality assured and flexible building system with a capacity of up to 6000 homes per year. We developed with being universal in mind. Out of other things, we choose to build our homes with steel structures and concrete flooring because the structure can withstand transport considerably better. In contrast, the concrete possesses adequate stiffness and does not deflect under an applied force.

Our streamlined process of making the modern home advances through 45 stations and 350 standardized quality control points digitally measured and documented. It is like any other manufacturing facility – we say making a home is simple if you have a complete plan.

Crafting Our Own Machine and System For Unparalleled Performance

Our manufacturing machines are custom-built. They are made to match our production flow perfectly and are appropriate for the employees. It focused more on safety and functionality than on design without compromising efficiency. The finest thing about working with in-house machines is that we are fully independent when it comes to improving them. We make minor adjustments and run quality checks on an ongoing basis according to our needs in a project. In a few words, everything is specially curated; they are not obtainable elsewhere.

Our Work