What is Industrialized Building System?

What is Industrialized Building System? The construction industry’s importance extends beyond physical structures. The effects are on economic growth, infrastructure development, job creation, and societal well-being. Thus, industry players are accountable for ensuring sustainable and cost-efficient structures. The Industrialized Building System (IBS) has offered an opportunity for transformation. The system involves the controlled production of […]

SIBS Secures Multi-Billion Ringgit Modular Apartment Building Project To NEOM, Saudi Arabia.

SIBS Secures Multi-Billion Ringgit Modular Apartment Building Project To NEOM, Saudi Arabia. SIBS, one of the world’s leading in modular construction technology, is proud to announce that it has successfully secured a multi-billion-ringgit contract to deliver 2174 apartments to Neom, one of the largest urbanization projects located in northwest Saudi Arabia. The project will be […]

Will AI Take Over My Job?

will AI take Over My Job? That is the primary concern in many of us ever since the popularity of AI and its far-reaching progress has been spoken about widely. Influencers and renowned leaders do not miss the chance to be in the mainstream with their opinion on the future of humankind. According to them, […]

Renovation: A Brief

Beautiful kitchen interior design of a modular home

RENOVATION Buying a home is said to be a common expectation of adults. Choosing luxury living, high security, and focusing on the right location, with investing ample time on time and survey, you finally made the biggest financial decision of your life! But that’s not all; you will need to beautify your biggest asset. Once […]

Is IBS Construction Cost-Efficient?

Is IBS Construction cost-efficient? In the world of construction, innovation is key to driving progress and efficiency. The innovation that has gained significant attention is Industrialized Building System (IBS) construction. IBS offers off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly of building components as a promising alternative to traditional construction. However, the true cost-efficiency of IBS construction remains […]

How Does IBS Construction Enables Faster Project Completion?

How Does IBS Construction Enables Faster Project Completion? In an era where time is of the essence and construction demands are reaching new heights, an innovative solution has emerged to address the need for faster project completion. Above all, it does not compromise quality. The Industrialized Building System (IBS) is a modern approach that is […]

Why IBS Construction is better than Traditional Construction?

Traditional Construction vs. Industrialized Building System (IBS) The construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy and impacts the world’s GDP. Yet, the global opinions are the constructions are still less digitized. There could be plenty of barriers and limitations. For instance, the high demand, labor costs, technological advancement, and the unforeseeable […]

Meet Our New Plant

Meet Our New Plant Located on a 15-acre land, almost 46,450 sq m – SIBS Malaysia got its new home. This expansion aims to grow as a family of 1,200 and produce 5,000 apartments.  conveyor System SIBS, manufacturing-inspired mass production system aims to be the world’s best productivity story. The new plant utilizes a conveyor […]

Press Release – Opening Ceremony Of Scandinavian IBS Plant 2

The Press Release The newly launched plant aims for business development and opportunities. Erik Thomaeus, CEO of SIBS Group, expects to invest RM 500 million over five years in the new plant at Penang Science Park. The investment started with the opening of a new facility on a 15-acre site. Specifically, include four production lines, with […]