a closer look at sIBS' latest facility

With the unveiling of its latest Plant 2 on a 60,000 m2 land, SIBS is now welcoming its new home. This expansion aims to grow as a family of 1,200 to produce 5,000 apartments annually. 

The plant features a spacious office building with a state-of-art production floor which was designed with minimalist and aesthetic approaches with a Scandinavian touch. 

the production floor

SIBS banks on its manufacturing-inspired mass production system in aims to be the world’s best productivity example. Its new plant utilizes a conveyor system to produce homes. To illustrate, modular units, otherwise known as a part of a house is being transported by beams which controls both speed and acceleration between stations.

By using beams to facilitate between stations, the new plant facility enables a faster completion of modular units, or homes by up to 90% progress. These will subsequently be shipped to the construction sites for assembling. As a result, SIBS is able to produce more homes in less time. The conveyor system expects an apartment block to complete within 14 days.

With the new plant, SIBS is able to open more conveyor lines to allow for a completion time of less than 10 days.

reducing carbon footprint

In this modern modular construction facility, SIBS’ state-of-art facility has 20 custom made machines in 40 stations. These machines focus on automation and future growth. Keeping in mind the energy usage, machinery and production line, SIBS chooses to completely use solar energy in an initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.

office building

The new plant unveils with it a brand new office quarters with various facilities. 

The office building was designed with contemporary interiors with a minimalist and aesthetic approaches. Utilizing glass, concrete and steel in its play of design, the offices are built to look contemporary yet comfortable for employees. 

On the facilities floor, there is a spacious gym room with a vibrant entertainment area and an inviting studio. 

For dining, employees will find the cozy pantries and cafeteria highly inviting for their social or dining events.  

Cool interior design of an office in Penang, Malaysia

Spacious Office with connecting staircases

New office pantry interior design
Warm office cafeteria interior design

cozy spaces in pantries and cafeteria

Modern office interior design

social spaces

Gym room of a factory at Penang, Malaysia

gym room

Play room at a factory in Penang

entertainment room

Rooftop lounge at a factory in Penang, Malaysia
Cosy lounge at factory in Penang, Malaysia

rooftop lounge

In house showroom at construction technology company in Penang, Malaysia

in-house showroom

Skywalk for visitors inside modular home production at Penang, Malaysia

The Sky Bridge

SIBS is proud to introduce its unparalleled sky bridge which allows visitors a bird’s eye view of the production zone from the walkway. Equipped with information boards along the way, visitors can count on these to guide them through each of the production process. A humble effort in providing comprehensive understanding of IBS construction, SIBS hopes to revolutionize the new way of producing and making homes. 

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